[TN-Bird] A Friendly Ruby Throated Hummingbird & Butterflies in Brockland Acres .

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Birders:( A Friendly Ruby Throated Hummingbird & Butterflies in Brockland Acres 

Early Tuesday evening on Aug. 14, 2007 while planting some flowers in my 
hummingbird garden in the backyard in Brockland Acres in Hamblen County 
Northeast of Morristown I had a friendly Ruby Throated  Hummingbird  hoving 
over my left shoulder trying to the Hummingbird Feeder  and in front of the 
carport also we have a plenty of butterflies and a moth they are:  

1 American Lady ( with picture )

1 Red Admrial ( also with picture )

2 or more Morning Cloaks

2 Cabbage White and 1 Yellow

1 Eastern Swallowtail

2 Zebra Swallowtail ( in April while turkey hunting )

1 Fiery Skipper

1 Silver Spotted Skipper

1 Summer Azure

1 American Lady

2 Monarchs

1 Tuliptree Silk Moth ( Recorded )

1 Solid White with brown stripes on the wings

Shane Adams
Hamblen County / Morristown, TN. 

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