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eBird is launching a new feature about rare birds this month.  It is called=
 Rare Bird Google Gadget. Information about this new feature is provided vi=
a a link at the eBird home page:


Or you may connect via this link:


This feature will display all rare bird sightings posted to eBird within th=
e past week for a given state, and it will provide a map to the exact site =
where the sightings took place.  Obviously, the system is dependent on Tenn=
essee birders actually posting their bird records to eBird, which remains a=
 rare occurrence, but if you will use the Rare Bird Google Gadget feature f=
or other states where many birders are posting to eBird, you will see how p=
owerful this feature could be in Tennessee if more folks start to post thei=
r sightings.

Good bird counting, Steve Stedman
eBird Editor, Tennessee

Rob Fergus
National Audubon Society
Ivyland, PA
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