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  • Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 22:41:49 -0500

Pickett County
Byrdstown, TN
My yard hasn't been mowed in three weeks.  The grass is high and has gone to 
seed.  Earlier I had seen two hen turkeys and six poults feeding in an over 
grown weed patch in the abandoned orchard.  For the past week I have been 
seeing the same group minus two poults.  Today they came into the back yard 
very close and I watched as they gleaned the grass seed by putting their bill 
at the lower part of the stalk and zipping up to the top to reap a bill full of 

As the turkeys fed, a curious fawn came out of the weeds and eased up to the 
poults, getting closer and closer.  The hens hardly looked up until the fawn 
lifted a foot and put it down close to a poult which flew up for a short 
distance. Then the fawn jumped and whirled around tried to start a game with a 
rabbit. This went on for thirty minutes. Gradually the turkeys left and the 
fawn wandered off.

This terrible heat and dry weather has drawn the birds to my bird bath.  They 
enjoy the constant drip from a pipe overhead.  The hummingbirds swarm around my 
two feeders.  My creek is dry and I'm getting concerned about not only the 
birds but all wildlife.

Robbie Hassler 

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