[TN-Bird] Immature Cooper's with snake

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Hello Birders,
This morning, shortly after 9 AM, I was on the way for my physical  therapy 
via the West Nashville Post Office where I pick up my  mail.  I took a "back 
way" from Charlotte Park through West Nashville to  avoid traffic.  As I was 
driving east on Patton Avenue, which runs parallel  to I-40 and with which it 
shares a right of way, an immature Cooper's hawk flew  up from the grass of 
right of way and came toward the car headed for a tree  to my left.  It had 
what appeared to be grass snake in its right  talon.  The snake was about one 
and a half to two feet long.  The  "Immy Coop" had the snake grasped right 
behind its head with the rest of the  snake dangling like a long string in the 
breeze behind the bird.   The hawk landed on a limb of the hackberry, and, I 
assume, began to feed.   I had no camera, and I was running a little behind 
schedule.  Since this  location is just a little less than a mile from my 
house, it 
MAY have been  MY "Immy Coop" that took the mourning dove over my house on 
Monday.   It was the same plumage.  I just love my Cooper's hawks and have 
 having the young ones come to visit each year. Got a few pretty awesome  
digital photos of last year's baby on my deck.  It considered the deck to  be a 
prime spot for birds and mice that come to Dee's Smorgabird to feed, so it  
came to feed on THEM and gave me some really wonderful up close and personal  
views if it.  Had an "Immy" the year before, too.
Happy birding,
Dee Thompson
Nashville, TN

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