[TN-Bird] Island 13 and backyard birding

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Lake Co, Tn
Island #13 on the Mississippi
West of Wynnburg off of Hwy 78
Ventured out to see what the contour of Island #13 is this year...and if there 
are any Shore birds to be found.....The gate is open again this year and the 
road is in good shape but it does have its usual ups and down terrain as you 
drive in....the pools of water are perfect right now for shorebirds....and they 
are located in front of you  as you walk onto the sand bar...No long, hot walk 
south to find pools...there were 5 Greater Yellowlegs, 1 Spotted SP taking a 
bath, just tipsying around.....a fair number of Least SP   25-30....5 pectoral 
SP.....Least Terns.....A pool off to the South held a number of Great Egrets 
and I think there were Snowy Egrets and  there were crows...heat waves and 
distance made that hard to tell what all the white was......but the greatest 
surprise was when I drove out on the North road in to the sand bar and I saw 
something flutter in front of my truck .....and it was a Scissortail 
Flycatcher....either a Female or an Immature......no male seen or nest....but 
it was in the first tree on the right when you pull off the main dirt road to 
the road that leads down to the south part of Island 13....it returned to that 
tree several times while I was there....

Island 13 had given us some great birds.....I found my first Piping Plover 
there and sever al more since and 6 on one occasion several years ago. 
found there include:  Whimbrels,Piping Plover, Jaeger, all the usual suspects, 
Sabine Gulls, to name a few....

There has been a cabin built up on stilts on the point by the Jetty....

Anyone wanting directions I would be glad to email them.....

I also had a Yellowthroated Warbler land on my deck during breakfast 
yesterday.....guests were thrilled to see such a beautiful bird....

Nancy Moore
Bluebasin Cove B&B
Reelfoot lake
Lake Co, Tn
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