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Call and write to save this great piece of wild land!

Michelle King
Sullivan Co.
Blountville, TN

> Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2007 10:36 AM
>> Dear Friends and Rocky Fork Supporters,
>> A full decade of very hard work for the preservation and permanent
> protection of the largest and last unprotected wild place of its kind in 
> the
> southern Appalachians could be about to pay off. For all who have made
> saving Rocky Fork the preeminent regional conservation goal of our time,
> this will be cause for much celebration.
>> So before I ask one more time for your help in finally achieving this, I
> want to express my deep, heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for all that
> you have done to support this critical work.  You have helped make sure 
> that
> saving Rocky Fork has been seen as the high priority, regional issue that 
> it
> truly is.
>> We are now closer than ever to realizing our two long-standing goals:
>> 1) Permanent preservation of Rocky Fork's extraordinary 10,000-acres of
> vital watershed, unsurpassed wildlife habitat and stunning beauty.
>> 2) Achieving a major national designation for the tract that will bring
> substantial economic benefits to not only Unicoi County, but the entire
> surrounding region.
>> But I must tell you that to actually achieve these goals, we urgently 
>> need
> to send a positive, but loud and clear message to our three federal
> legislators, Congressman David Davis, Senator Lamar Alexander and Senator
> Bob Corker.
>> The conservation purchase of Rocky Fork depends greatly on funding
> appropriations from both the state and federal government.  Immediately, 
> we
> most need to insure that Davis, Alexander and Corker give their full 
> support
> to the effort by requesting the necessary federal funding to complete the
> purchase.  Their failure to request this funding could mean the forever 
> loss
> of this amazing natural and national treasure, as the unrelenting, gated
> resort developers stand waiting for us to fail.
>> It is absolutely critical that these three officials hear from us today,
> tomorrow at the latest.  Congress leaves for its one month summer recess
> next week.  Timing in the purchase effort requires immediate assurance of
> Davis/Alexander/Corker support for the federal funding.
>> First, please call the office of each (extremely important because of the
> impact a call makes and the time involved in security processing of mail)
> and be sure to thank them for their leadership and support in the effort 
> to
> preserve Rocky Fork, and then express in your own words any or all of the
> following 5 points. Please follow your call with a brief letter expressing
> the same.
>> 1) Rocky Fork is the last remaining unprotected tract of mountain land of
> its size and kind in the southern Appalachians.
>> 2) For generations, Rocky Fork, though privately owned, has been managed
> by TWRA for public use and enjoyment for hunting, fishing, hiking, 
> swimming,
> wildlife viewing and biking.
>> 3) Rocky Fork is now believed to have wildlife diversity greater than
> almost any other place in the Appalachians.  It is critical native brook
> trout, Peregrine falcon and black bear range.
>> 4) At least 10 miles of Rocky Fork's spectacular ridgelines form the
> now-famous viewshed of the I-26 corridor entering NE Tennessee from North
> Carolina.
>> 5) If Rocky Fork is designated as a national recreation area, surrounding
> economic development via greatly increased tourism and more appropriate
> residential and commercial growth will provide much-needed jobs and 
> revenue
> to Unicoi County and the surrounding area.
>> Please, once again, lend your help with this urgent matter and first 
>> call,
> then write them immediately.  The reward is just ahead if we all pull
> together one more time to make our long-held wishes for preservation of 
> this
> one-of-a-kind treasure known to those who have the power to bring it 
> about.
>> Below is the contact information for our three legislators, and you will
> find this and much more at www.saverockyfork.org.
>> Thank you again.
>> Peace and blessings!
>> David Ramsey
>> 423-743-6570
>> Representative David Davis
>> 514 Cannon House Office Building
>> Washington, D.C. 20515
>> (202) 225-6356
>> Contact Representative Davis
>> Senator Lamar Alexander
>> 302 Hart Senate Office Building
>> Washington, DC 20510
>> (202) 224-4944
>> Senator Bob Corker
>> 185 Dirksen Senate Office Building
>> Washington, DC 20510
>> (202) 224-3344
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