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Aug. 2, 2009
Ensley Bottoms
Mississippi River
President's Island
Shelby Co. TN
Still a ton of birds at the pits but raptors are keeping them stirred  up, 
especially a tattered adult Peregrine. One minute you can be looking at  
thousands and the next minute big balls of birds in the air and the next you  
have to strain to find a few birds hunkered down on the flats.The numbers 
were  about the same and all species present Saturday  were still around Sunday 
 except the Sanderlings. Only 4 Black-bellied Whistling Ducks and I did not 
see  mom but I did flush a surprise adult Black-crowned Night-Heron.
David Chaffin and I were treated to the adult male Ruddy Turnstone feeding  
and flying and in flight it was giving its unique chittering call; every 
bird  was telling about their near death experience at the hands of the  
Peregrine. The Peregrine buzzed us about 2 PM and Red-tailed immatures did 
best to keep the birds alert there after. The Wilson's Phalarope was close  
enough at one time to determine it was a molting adult in near basic 
plumage and  the number of Western Sandpipers had jumped considerably from 
Saturday's tally.  About half of the Lesser Yellowlegs had left but a few more 
straggled back in  along with 4 Stilt Sandpipers in the afternoon. David and I 
peered  over the weeds to see just the heads of the Black-bellied Whistlers 
for his year  bird.
After much driving and scanning, I lucked up on a distant adult Western  
Kingbird sitting and hunting from a fence on President's Island. We were able 
to  drive up closer for year bird looks for Chaffin but it is amazing how 
this  species disappears after nesting. I found 2 adults on the fence at 
DeWhitt Spain  Airport up town in the morning but they will all be gone soon. 
Least Terns  plus a Black and Caspian were seen on the river during an early 
morning visit  but the rain and a 5 foot rise has caused the river to reclaim 
most of  the sandbars........5 foot and rising probably another 5 or so, 
shutting  down my good bar trolling time here.
Good Birding  !!!
Jeff R. Wilson / TLBA
6300 Memphis-Arlington Road
Bartlett, TN  38135
What is this feathered thing that  lifts my heart to the heavens.
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