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2 Aug 2009
Davis Marina, Boone Lake, Sullivan Co., TN
on Buffalo Rd., on the upper Holston arm of the lake at the mouth of Beaver 

Brown Pelican - 1, immature

Following a tip, Larry McDaniel & I met Brookie Potter at the marina & soon saw 
pelican flying around.  The marina operator said that it had been there for 3 
or 4 days.
Larry obtained an identifiable photo of the bird in flight.

This is undoubtedly the same bird seen flying south over I-81 about ten miles 
north of 
Bristol on 30 July by Tom Hunter.  That's about 15-20 miles north of today's 

This is the first record in the 5-county area of Northeast Tenn and, to my best 
the first east of Knoxville.  Apparently the closest previous TN record was at 
Norris Lake 
in 1937 (Robinson 1990).

Incidentally, this is the 3rd new species found in the 5-county area since the 
of the 2nd ed. of "Birds of NE Tenn"  in mid Aug last year, making 322 species 
in the area.

Thanks to all of those who passed along the tip about this bird.

Rick Knight
Johnson City, TN

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