[THIN] Re: default search provider being corrupted in IE8

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  • Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2010 17:02:42 +0100

O.K. - so it seems that we have the same problem but a different
solution. As mentioned below I've  trawled through my GPO's and I've
found the culprit. The GPO in question is :
User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Internet
Explorer\Prevent Internet Explorer Search box from displaying
Changing this from Enabled to Not Configured fixed it. As it happens
I've locked down I.E. so much that the Search box doesn't diaplay
I now have another issue with mandatory profiles. As you've done, I've
created a new default user without GPO's and using this as the basis of
a new mandatory profile have renamed the ntuser.dat as ntuser.man. I
then re-apply the GPO's. When I logon as a new user however, this new
user gets the default user profile (including ntuser.man) but also gets
a new ntuser.dat (and ntuser.dat.log) !!! . After a lot of head
scratching (and splinters in me fingers) I eventually spotted that the
All Users profile also had an ntuser.dat which is byte for byte exactly
the same size as the new one. Deleted the one in All Users (after
backing it up) but the new ntuser.dat is still being created. So the
question is - where is this new .dat file coming from?. Why is there an
ntusers.dat file in the All Users profile ? What am I doing wrong ? I
haven't checked yet whether it's the .dat or .man that's being loaded in
HKU but I suspect that it's the .dat as there are a couple of extra
files in the profile at logoff.


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My issue appeared to be I had an explicit drive reference in APPDATA and
it being locked down Also, I did have the instance of the wizard
starting up (without the search error) - and then subsequent starts
would still whinge


As I said - I fixed the APPDATA reference (yours should be fine ) - but
then I created a new 'clean' user (i.e no GPOs were applied) - I then
made that the default mandatory profile.  I did that because the server
build also has the 'stubpath' values removed from
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Active Setup .. so wasn't sure if
the users were being updated properly. This likely meant that "stuff"
that IE is doing to update the user the first time round wasn't being
done properly; resulting in errors. 


So - create a new default user without GPOs and that's the basis of the
new mandatory profile. 


The environment I've been working on is W2K3 SP2 x32, PS4.5, I.E. 8




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Subject: [THIN] Re: default search provider being corrupted in IE8


Thanks for the reply Andy.


My "....\user shell folders\appdata" key is o.k. - I'm not doing
Application Data redirection. I've also shown that the manadatory
profile is not necessarily the culprit. By changing the .man suffix back
to .dat when a user logs on for the first time this error manifests
itself. Subsequent logons are o.k.


I'm now looking at my GPO's. I have two I.E. GPO's - one that sets the
proxy and other branding stuff and one that does a total I.E. lockdown.
When I unlink/disable the second one and a user logs in for the first
time, no error, just the I.E. 8 startup 'wizard'. When I now re-apply
the GPO subsequent logons are o.k. !! - I'll start by picking my way
through this GPO - as you say there are a fair few I.E. sub-keys.






ooeer - I've just re-read your note. My "...\user shell folders\appdata"
key is %USERPROFILE%\Application Data and not %USERPROFILE%\appdata -
this is consistent with my other boxes (I.E. 7).


Didn't spell out the environment but it seems much the same as yours
W2K3 SP2 x64, PS4.5, I.E. 8 (x64).



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Subject: [THIN] Re: default search provider being corrupted in IE8

Yes ..ish


As I said, IE8 was being published into a set of servers with a stack of
GPO modification that set AppData to be different from the default (the
default being %USERPROFILE%\appdata) to y:\application data ( in this
case Y: was mapped to the users TSProfile directory.. essentially


I modified the GPO that was applying this value so that it went back to
the default (%USERPROFILE%\appdata) and the error went away. 


So, like I said -yes(ish). I 'fixed it' .. but, like I was hoping to
avoid in my first post -  I ended up having to rejig GPOs.


I believe if the reg entry
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\WIndows\Currentversion\explorer\user shell
folders\appdata isn't the default - or at least a UNC path name, this
error kicks in. 


This was for a mandatory profile as well (linking into Appsense as well
but that wasn't a problem) - so my question would be 'what is the value
for  users that you have in that setting?. 


Also bear in mind there is a fair amount of new settings in the IE
subkeys - what I also did was re-build the server without the standard
default profile; made sure IE8 worked fine with a user then essentially
made this new 'IE8 profiled user' the default profile.


I don't get the error now.


Does this help?


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Subject: [THIN] Re: default search provider being corrupted in IE8


Andy - Did you get to the bottom of this one?. I'm having the same issue
- I had initially assumed that it was to do with the way that I'd set up
and replicated the mandatory profile I'd put together. Most stuff on the
web points to the registry key you mention but I can't actually see
anything wrong with it.







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Subject: [THIN] default search provider being corrupted in IE8

I've got a site where they're looking to roll out IE8 on their W2k3
XenApp servers 


Everything installs and is (relatively) dandy - other than a message for
users about the search engine getting 'corrupted' whenever they log on:


    A Program on your computer has corrupted your default search setting
for Internet Explorer.


    Internet Explorer has reset this setting to your original search


    Internet Explorer will now open Search Settings, where you can
change this setting or install more search providers.


It seems that this is happening because IE8 appears to want
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\WIndows\Currentversion\explorer\user shell
folders\appdata to be %USERPROFILE%\appdata - rather than the redirected
value it currently is. 


Has anyone come across this and got a "fix"? Or could suggest one? I
could change it from the value it is now to the local profile - but then
I've got to redesign the locked down profile stuff thats going on 








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