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What is it you want to do? 

Safend is more about data protection isn't it? So you're controlling what
data is stored to the USB drive, and if that data is going to be encrypted
and potentially audit when that data is transferred: all very important -
perhaps more important that blocking the ability to run programs from a

Application Manager is a great product for preventing unauthorised
application access; and allowing you to give users control without giving
them admin privileges. But App Manager doesn't have a function to (say) only
allow data to be written if the USB drive isn't encrypted.

So if you replace Safend with App Manager it's not exactly like-for-like.

I'd agree - just because it's not certified doesn't mean it won't work but
you'll likely find that the agent needs to be installed on the end device to
get it to work reliably.

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Hi Ronnie,

I would say you should check out AppSense Application Manager That does
exactly what you want, including logging And AppSense is a Citrix partner
and "Citrix Ready" (so certified to run on your XenApp environment)

You can download a trail here (registration required):



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>I need to implement a USB protection system to our XenApp servers so 
>that when a user attaches a USB key in a session they cannot run 
>certain file types (I know I can do this via software protection ) but 
>we already run a product called Safend which the engineer says in not 
>compatible. As it produces logs etc that shows if anyone has tried to 
>do anything they shouldn't.
>I did investigate a product a while back I think Checkpoint bought them 
>out but they don't seem to do it anymore.
>Has anyone used a product like this on XenApp 5 before ?
>I may still try Safend just because it inset certified doesn't mean it 
>defiantly doesn't work.

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