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I have to ask why would what to do this?  CSG is pretty slick.  It
doesn't cost anything, and all traffic is encrypted with minimal
exposure to your LAN.  Hardware wise you can run it on your WI box and
you don't need much in the way of resources.



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Enabling https will secure the traffic to the citrix xml service.
Enabling SSL relay will secure all traffic to the citrix server


You don't need to setup SSL Relay to enable https for your XML service.
Https for xml needs IIS to be installed and shared with XML service.
Whichever one you use you will need a server certificate on each of the
citrix servers you want to secure, and the root certificate for your
private CA installed on each of your clients.



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Hii friends..


Im thinking of setting up SSL (without CSG) using a private CA.

The HTTPS communication workins fine between WI and client.

But i am loosing track on secure connectioin to the MF server.

Should I use HTTPS orCitrix SSL RElay.

Both cases, do i have to setupSSL relay on MFXP configuration






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