[THIN] Re: SMB Current Commands and SMB tuning

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Here are the recommended settings from Microsoft:


Microsoft Recommended Optimization Settings for Terminal Service

                MaxWorkItems = 8196

                MaxMpxCt = 2048

                MaxRawWorkItems = 512

                MaxFreeConnections = 100

                MinFreeConnections = 32


                MaxCmds = 2048

                RegistryLazyFlushInterval = 60





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I've been digging into SMB tuning for our PS 4.5 Server 2003 x64 citrix farm
as our farm currently doesn't have MaxMpxCt or MaxCmds set on our servers.
I am confused by the results of the Redirector\Current Commands output in
perfmon.  That counter is defined as: "counts the number of requests to the
Redirector that are currently queued for service" however the graph over
time is quite flat when I could expect a queue graph to look spikey.  Is
that counter a combination of the outstanding SMB requests plus something


I've got an un-tuned server that hit 57 today without any reported issues
when I would have expected it to cap at 50 or start exhibiting problems at
that level.


Anyone know why those counters are fairly flat?  Is there a better way to
see if I'm hitting MaxCmds or do people just set it higher regardless?







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