[THIN] Re: Question concerning some Performance issues.

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  • Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 15:14:26 -0700

Take a look using NT Filemon to see what the problem files are, this
will help isolate which program is causing the excessive I/O. For
example the MS Office Save dialog autocomplete does a complete file scan
of the recent docs folder after every character that is typed. It could
be a single user with thousands of files in this folder and it takes
them several minutes to type in the filename.

Be careful about using Filemon on a busy server, make sure to disable
autoscroll and set the priority low.


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No memory constraints or processor bottlenecks.  We have been trying to
track down processes and see that Winlogon.EXE and Services.EXE do a ton
of writing, but looking at other servers it seems to be normal.  We have
tried removing AV from 1 server to no avail.  Servers are patched and
latest BIOS and Firmware is applied.

Recently we started experiencing extreme % disk utilization problems on
all of our servers but 2.  The hard drive will spike at 100% for minutes
at a time.
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