[THIN] Re: Orphaned processes

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  • Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 16:59:35 -0500

Try Mark Lee's SuperKil

If the processes are getting called from another program and not closing
there is another utility out there on thethin.net ...the name escapes me now
but I'll think of it that Peter at Emergent online wrote
(http://thethin.net/wtslaunch.zip maybe?)
that lets you launch another other programs via a published app if this is
what is going on.


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Neither of these work and the user session has logged off it just left these
processes behind.  

It is the wierdest thing I have seen in a while.


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get procexp.exe or pskill.exe from sysinternals.com.  You can kill the
process using either tool.  Before doing this, are you sure the persons
session isn't still out there as disconnected?  If you logging off their
session should fix the problem.


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>>> EFoote@xxxxxxx 11/04/03 10:29AM >>>
Anyone having issues with orphaned proccesses?

We have Win2K SP4, MF XPe FR3 and we are seeing processes left behind after
users logoff, like an iexplore.exe running under a users context taking up
50% of the boxes CPU (dual proc system).  We cannot kill (kill -f, process
explorer, at /interactive)  all fail with access denied - our only solution
is to reboot the box.

Any suggestions would be apprecitiated.
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