[THIN] Re: Microsoft's Windows Server chief on Linux, 64-bit computing

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That link gets cludged...
Here is the key paragraph on

Bob Muglia Microsoft Windows Chief said:
"The interesting thing is some of these scenarios are memory-constrained 
by the kernel and how much space it needs to take and use. So just by 
having the kernel go 64-bit, you get a capacity improvement. Let me give 
you an example of a service that just benefits phenomenally with 32-bit 
applications running in a 64-bit world. Terminal Server today on these 
new four-way and certainly eight-way systems is completely constrained 
by the amount of memory that can be used, because each user session uses 
a fair amount of memory. Each of them is like a client. So in a Terminal 
Server world, by going to the 64-bit operating system, even though 
Office and the apps that are being run are only 32-bit, you can get a 
lot more of those on simultaneously. All of a sudden, we explode the 
number of simultaneous users that a server can support. "

AND then
Q. Do you know any customers who have tried it?
A. "Too early."

This doesn't sound to me like they have done a whole lot of testing with 
this theory to support those claims.


Steve Greenberg wrote:
> Microsoft 64 bit chief states that 64 bit Terminal services works in the =
> lab
> with 32 bit apps:
> http://www.computerworld.com/softwaretopics/os/windows/story/0,10801,9321=
> 3,0
> 0.html
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