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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where intelligent design is more than a
counter-Darwinian theory -- it's the premise for a piece of humorous
prose. Reading it, one must ask whether Justin Warner himself is the
product of intelligent design or rather, like the editorial policy of this
web page, the product of chance and time skinny dipping in the shallow end
of the gene pool. God only knows...and He isn't telling:

"Both Sides Now"

By Justin Warner

Effective immediately, the following statement will appear on the front
cover of all math textbooks in Tuskamoga County, Mississippi, per
unanimous vote of the school board: The Pythagorean Theorem is a theorem,
not fact. A theorem is defined as "A proposition that has been or is to be
proved on the basis of explicit assumptions" (emphasis added). In other
words, it's just a suggestion. If it were fact, it would say so in the
definition. That's just common sense...

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