[thebigjewel] Dr. Snakey's Pretty Pets - February 22, 2006

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we strive to be as wise as serpents and as
harmless as doves...assuming that the doves aren't carrying Asian bird
flu. This week our fearless editor speaks out on a subject even more
fascinating than vice presidential hunting accidents. We refer, of course,
to the tormenting problems of America's snake owners:

"Dr. Snakey's Pretty Pets"

By Kurt Luchs

(As always, Dr. Snakey -- the "happy herpetologist" -- answers your
questions about "problem" snakes in the strictest confidence. But please
DO NOT SEND YOUR SNAKES THROUGH THE MAIL for diagnosis; too many mailing
tubes have been arriving bent and with postage due.)

Dear Dr. Snakey: While I was in India 20 years ago, I bought a snake for
50,000 rupees from a Mr. B. Fakir, who assured me it was a genuine
spitting cobra. Imagine my embarrassment when I entered the animal in a
spitting contest and found he couldn't spit past his little fangs! He
simply lay there and drooled...

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