[thebigjewel] Animals: The Way Of The Future! - April 18, 2007

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we are desperately looking for a reason,
any reason, to smile. We are not so proud to be members of the human race
this week. That's why we're running a piece on animals by Charlie Nadler,
making his first appearance at The Big Jewel. Charlie points out many
positive attributes about animals. We could mention one more, which is
that they may eat each other when they are hungry, but they will never gun
each other down for sport or revenge. Go animals! we say. When we are done
wiping each other out, maybe they will make better use of the planet Earth
than we have:

Animals: The Way Of The Future!

By Charlie Nadler

Every day, an animal is born on this earth. Many of us will go our entire
lives without ever interacting with these mysterious beasts, but their
swift advancement has nevertheless garnered the esteem of the world
community. Today, even critics must concede: Animals are the way of the

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