[thebigjewel] My Imaginary Love Life Reviewed - April 11, 2007

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we are breathing a sigh of relief about
those DNA results and toasting our good fortune with Prince Frederic Von
Anhalt. We don't know whether our new contributor Ralph Gamelli feels like
celebrating right now. His love life may be imaginary, along with his
friends, but his pain is real:

My Imaginary Love Life Reviewed

By Ralph Gamelli

Amy Pasternak: A fellow fifth-grader, and my first case of puppy love. At
recess, in an effort to show my interest, I whipped a snowball at the back
of her head. This was repeated for several days with no luck. If not for
my inability to express myself in a more socially acceptable manner --
perhaps by sharing some gum with her or by showing off on the monkey bars
-- she might have been my first kiss...

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