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Hey guys: I didn't use any names. Don't really mind what they are doing so much except they are shipping all the busses and bus stuff to England.

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I am glad to hear that us down in Houston are not the ONLY ones that strongly dislike James King and his practices...

Peter Albarian wrote:

Yeah, yeah. I'm glad to hear you got parts before James King slithered in there. Maybe Kirk and I will see you up there for the Spring meet.

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I know all you guys had fun in Boerne and wish I could have been there. However, Ennis was pretty good also. More drag racers than last time. More show cars than last time and the spectator crowd was up. I counted 77 show cars + a lot more in the VW parking lot that didn't enter. Several busses including a very nice original 21 window from Denton that I had not seen before. Also, managed to beat the swap meet flipers to some of the bus bargains by shopping the motel parking lot the night before the show. Scored an almost perfect and complete slash rear bumper, early front splash pan, and several 58-61 bus tail lights. Eat you heart out Peter.

Ennis isn't dead. Warren promised to be back next year in the spring and again in the fall (hopefully without any date conflicts). Didn't choose Ennis over Boerne because of the quality of the show, otherwise would have gone to Boerne. But, Boerne is 300 + miles one way and Ennis is about 150. And, with the shorter distance my daughter Shelley was able to drive her Thing and go to a show. Hopefully I will be able to make Boerne next year.

Am making Lafayett next week and Ft. Worth the following week. See everyone in Cajun land this weekend.

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