[tcb] Re: Why Do You Suppose My Bus Suddenly Hates Starting in the Morning?

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  I'll be sure and look all that up as soon as I find my Bentley manual. 

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Subject: [tcb] Re: Why Do You Suppose My Bus Suddenly Hates Starting in the 
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No carbs, fix you fueler.It is a much more efficent 
system than carbs.Carbs have problems too.get the manuel and study it.Especialy 
the  cold start section.
  The cold start problems are usually 
associated with the left handed zipnglizry.It will only be actvated when the 
gorotious alnatonor beads are correctorfied.

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        Oh tell me about it. I was so tempted to slap a 
        carb on this thing when I got it. 

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          know, I did pretty good with Fred’s points answer and, feeling 
          confident, I read about Kelly’s problem until it got into fuel 
          injectors and thermo time switch. It might as well be about 
          subflappable gindoos and adjustable gorotious alnatonor 
          says Murray is a tractor, and I love it that way.
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          Why Do You Suppose My Bus Suddenly Hates Starting in the 
          I could be wrong but it sounds like 
          you may have a problem with the cold start injector or thermo time 
          switch.  The F.I engines are notorious for bad cylinder 
          head temp sensors as well.  I would try shooting some starting 
          fluid in the air cleaner when the engine is cold.  If it starts 
          right up and dies then lack of fuel is your problem.
          On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 2:20 AM, kelly 
          dosch <kellydosch@xxxxxxxxx> 

It's a 1979 Campmobile 
                Deluxe, (2.0L?) F.I.. I just got it and am not positive what 
                engine it is but it is all original if that helps. It only has 
                74,000 miles on it. It was just rebuilt about 600 miles ago at 
                VW dealership in Austin. The work was done with love by friends 
                of mine and they really gave it the royal treatment, sparing no 
  It ran like a top until about 2.5 weeks ago. 
                It just kept getting harder and harder to start in the morning. 
                Now It takes no less than about ten minutes to start. I turn 
                key about 20 times, feeling my ulcer grow as my starter slowly 
                burns up. 
  It just goes whir-whir-whir- 
                plubba-plubba-start-PSYCH! Stall. And I crank it again and 
                and again. Each time it gets closer and closer to starting and 
                running until it finally fires up. I then have to keep it 
                a bit for a while or it will stall. 
  Once it is warmed 
                up it runs like a Swiss watch. I can drive it to the grocery 
                store and when I get out it will fire right up because it is 
                still warm. And it seems like, when it won't start in the 
                morning, that I am just warming up the engine by cranking the 
                starter for twenty minutes and that is why it finally goes. 
  I can't blame the cooler temps we have been having 
                lately because I have started it on cold days before and it 
                fired right up. 
  It is a brand new VW battery, 
                basically brand new everything! I even disconnected the battery 
                and charged it, hooked it back up and it made no difference. 
                Just making sure it wasn't the battery. 
  Then one day 
                I put a heat lamp on the engine for a few hours to rule out the 
                possibility of it just not wanting to start on cold days. No 
  Then I put a bottle of fuel dry in it in case 
                I had water in the lines. That was yesterday and I think it did 
                start just a bit easier today, but I have driven it 100 miles 
                with this additive. I think that should have simply fixed it or 
                not by now, no? 
  I just don't get it. Almost 
                everything on the engine is new. Besides the engine itself. 
                Which was rebuilt at the holiest of VW sources,(the VW 
                dealership- and they do not play)  and it had low miles to 
                start with. 
  I think the key to this mystery is the 
                fact that it fires right up every time as long as it is warm, 
                but a cold morning start is hell on the starter and battery. 
  And remember, just a couple weeks ago it started just 
                fine on cold 30* days. 
  Any thoughts? 
                you so much for your time.  Kelly 


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