[tcb] Re: Why Do You Suppose My Bus Suddenly Hates Starting in the Morning?

  • From: Bill Gmail <bbauer2000@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "tcb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <tcb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2011 08:45:10 -0600

Welcome to the wonderful and wacky trails and tribulations of owning a Bus. 
Good job on disconnecting the battery before charging since you have FI. 

On Jan 17, 2011, at 2:20 AM, kelly dosch <kellydosch@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> It's a 1979 Campmobile Deluxe, (2.0L?) F.I.. I just got it and am not 
> positive what engine it is but it is all original if that helps. It only has 
> 74,000 miles on it. It was just rebuilt about 600 miles ago at a VW 
> dealership in Austin. The work was done with love by friends of mine and they 
> really gave it the royal treatment, sparing no expense. 
>   It ran like a top until about 2.5 weeks ago. It just kept getting harder 
> and harder to start in the morning. Now It takes no less than about ten 
> minutes to start. I turn the key about 20 times, feeling my ulcer grow as my 
> starter slowly burns up. 
>   It just goes whir-whir-whir- plubba-plubba-start-PSYCH! Stall. And I crank 
> it again and again and again. Each time it gets closer and closer to starting 
> and running until it finally fires up. I then have to keep it revved a bit 
> for a while or it will stall. 
>   Once it is warmed up it runs like a Swiss watch. I can drive it to the 
> grocery store and when I get out it will fire right up because it is still 
> warm. And it seems like, when it won't start in the morning, that I am just 
> warming up the engine by cranking the starter for twenty minutes and that is 
> why it finally goes. 
>   I can't blame the cooler temps we have been having lately because I have 
> started it on cold days before and it fired right up. 
>   It is a brand new VW battery, basically brand new everything! I even 
> disconnected the battery and charged it, hooked it back up and it made no 
> difference. Just making sure it wasn't the battery. 
>   Then one day I put a heat lamp on the engine for a few hours to rule out 
> the possibility of it just not wanting to start on cold days. No change. 
>   Then I put a bottle of fuel dry in it in case I had water in the lines. 
> That was yesterday and I think it did start just a bit easier today, but I 
> have driven it 100 miles with this additive. I think that should have simply 
> fixed it or not by now, no? 
>   I just don't get it. Almost everything on the engine is new. Besides the 
> engine itself. Which was rebuilt at the holiest of VW sources,(the VW 
> dealership- and they do not play)  and it had low miles to start with. 
>   I think the key to this mystery is the fact that it fires right up every 
> time as long as it is warm, but a cold morning start is hell on the starter 
> and battery. 
>   And remember, just a couple weeks ago it started just fine on cold 30* 
> days. 
>   Any thoughts? 
>   Thank you so much for your time.  Kelly 

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