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Ok, I got one for you.? My ex-husband and I are in a 1971 squareback outside 
Porter(North of Houston).? We get stopped(don't know why), cop comes up to the 
window and before he says that usual phrase, he goes "Is this a Volvo or a 
Volkswagen?"? My ex just looks at him and says "VW".? The cop turns to his 
partner and yells-"You owe me $5!" He says thank you and good day.? Couldn't 
stop laughing for miles!

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that's nothing. One night going from Utah back to Virginia City NV I was pulled 
over in Fernley NV by Three Sheriffs patrols in my 61 vert for a taillight 
being out.

I was going down the main drag at 9pm and they were sitting at a gas station as 
I passed.

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I love those AR patrol officers.? I have driven my baja over 100,000 miles.? It 
has been pulled over twice.? Once by an AR highway patrol for no muffler on I 
30 outside of Hope.? Told the officer he had the honor of being the first 
officer in 100,000 miles to pull the car over for no muffler.? The second time 
was by a deputy sheriff in Clinton for what he said was going over the double 
yellow line to pass.? Both times I was coming home from the Mountain View 
show.? Neither time got a ticket, just a warning.? May have something to do 
with my distaste for Bill Clinton (and Hillary too for that matter).? First 
time was in Hope (birthplace of Bill) and second was in "Clinton AR."? Maybe AR 
officers just don't like VWs.

Neil McGlothin <nbmdude@.yahoo.com> wrote: 
We dropped around...Oops, wrong Trips Report!

We had NO incidents/breakdowns comin' OR goin'!

Cruisin' back with Brian, I DID find that the Road Dog
had NO brake lights! Got to Little Rock Sunday
afternoon, usin' parkin' lights as brake lights so I
wouldn't get rear ended.
Monday, went to Roy Rogers in Little Rock to get a
switch to fix said brake lights, got to the kid's
house in Sherwood to fix, found that I wuz given the
WRONG switch, had to go BACK to Roy Rogers for the
correct one...got pulled over for, (guess what) NO
Brake Lights...esplained to the occifer that I was
enroute to get said issues fixed, showed him the wrong
switch and the receipt, was informed that it was
stupid and dangerous to drive with no brake lights and
that he was gonna give me a ticket.
I countered with the arguement that I was using the
light switch (parking lights) to SIMULATE havin' brake
lights and that the only reason I didn't use them when
he saw me was that I was pullin' into the parts place
to exchange the switch for the correct one. At that
time there was no one behind me (he was parked on the
street in front of the store), ,so I didn't mess with
the parkin' lights.
He frowned, looked thoughtful, then said, ,"Drivin' an
old junker like that, you got enough problems..."
Pissed me off, but I smiled and said thanks, then
cursed him, his 1st born and all the cops in Little
Took me a LONG time to say not much happened, 'eh?

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