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  • Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2007 16:20:03 -0500 (GMT-05:00)

You damn retrohippies are always causing problems; ponytails and all man.  You 
should know better
than to drive something unique!  So what if it isn't shiney and looks like a 


You should know now that I have the City scared of me now.  You see, Neil knows 
where I live and let's just say I'm with the Bimmer Crowd.  F*ing yuppies.  I 
usually have someone bitch about an old VW or two.  I give them the single 
digit salute.  That's when I start parking them in the street like on Open 
House days when the realtors are trying to sell something.. Besides my wife is 
on the HOA board..  bwahahahahahahaha  

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>We dropped around...Oops, wrong Trips Report!
>We had NO incidents/breakdowns comin' OR goin'!
>Cruisin' back with Brian, I DID find that the Road Dog
>had NO brake lights!  Got to Little Rock Sunday
>afternoon, usin' parkin' lights as brake lights so I
>wouldn't get rear ended.  
>Monday, went to Roy Rogers in Little Rock to get a
>switch to fix said brake lights, got to the kid's
>house in Sherwood to fix, found that I wuz given the
>WRONG switch, had to go BACK to Roy Rogers for the
>correct one...got pulled over for, (guess what) NO
>Brake Lights...esplained to the occifer that I was
>enroute to get said issues fixed, showed him the wrong
>switch and the receipt, was informed that it was
>stupid and dangerous to drive with no brake lights and
>that he was gonna give me a ticket.
>I countered with the arguement that I was using the
>light switch (parking lights) to SIMULATE havin' brake
>lights and that the only reason I didn't use them when
>he saw me was that I was pullin' into the parts place
>to exchange the switch for the correct one.  At that
>time there was no one behind me (he was parked on the
>street in front of the store), ,so I didn't mess with
>the parkin' lights.
>He frowned, looked thoughtful, then said, ,"Drivin' an
>old junker like that, you got enough problems..."
>Pissed me off, but I smiled and said thanks, then
>cursed him, his 1st born and all the cops in Little
>Took me a LONG time to say not much happened, 'eh?
>TV dinner still cooling? 
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