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I have done a ton of searching for Sportsmobile campers and really haven't 
found much on the net.   I know the company  still exists.

Thank you for the link.  Are they rare, I don't know.   My camper has some 
similar interior qualities to the one on thesamba.   I had a tough time trying 
to ID my 67.  Non-westy campers are a  bit of a different  breed and  most 
people don't give them the time of day, b/c it didn't happen in Germany.  So 
there seems to be very little interest in archiving pics, data and etc on these 
kinds of conversions.

It is a bus, so I love it!


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Hey guys,
There is a thread on the Samba about split Sportsmobile campers.
I know Jeff has one, and these guys are claiming that they never see these.
So, are they pretty rare?
Here is the thread:


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