[tcb] Re: Fun with Redux Boxes

  • From: Eric Woodall <eric@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 18:36:33 -0500

x2 for keeping the reduction boxes.
They climb hills like mad, just ask Sawyer...
On the way up into the Ozarks a few years ago going to Denis' I got a
good 1/2 mile ahead of the group in my '66 (1600 dp).
Couldn't have done that without the boxes.

shirley hall wrote:
> I have recently had two trannys rebuilt.  the bay with the bug stop
> (kelly) was around $400 delivered out of the bus (last winter).  and
> the splitty by oakhill for around $750 for delivered out of bus,
> complete box to box (two years ago).  I took the whole thing to
> oakhill after Terry and Larry pulled it out for me (so I can't say how
> hard it was to get the whole thing out) and oakhill brought it to me
> at the Nac show.
> Prior to rebuilding the whole system on the split, I had kelly rebuild
> the two reduction boxes because the bearing were wore out (lots of
> slop) so that reduced the cost at oakhill, them bearings are pricey!!!
>  One of the reduction boxes leaked at the case seem after the work.
>  After oakhill rebuild, nothing leaked.  The bay tranny Kelly did does
> not leak anywhere and does great.  Maybe machining/mating those seams
> back together on the boxes is something oakhill is better at??
> Two cents from NON mechanic..... I'm not a top end speed kinda gal.  I
> like my grrr grrr sounding reduction boxes when the camper is loaded
> and I'm traveling in the hills/mountains.  I seem to shift less and
> churn up the hills easier than in the bay.  I've been told it's
> because of the single port motor and the reduction boxes giving better
> low end torque but like I said i'm not a mechanic.
> I rooting for keeping the boxes like sammy says (because I am a stock
> kinda gal, except for paint!) and using a "do-for" tranny until the
> bucks are there to keep it stock.
> Very sorry to hear the bus is still off the road.   that just
> sucks...........
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>     Subject: [tcb] Fun with Redux Boxes
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>     Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2009, 11:49 AM
>     As some of you know I blew out 4th gear on the way to the classic.
>     1967 with big nut redux boxes. I'm weighing my options as every
>     time I think I'm leaning in a specific direction, I run into a
>     challenge. Keeping in mind I've had a string of bad luck with our
>     regular car getting wrecked while we were in Fburg and some other
>     realted issues have me kinda strapped for now, so cost is a huge
>     factor. Time is only a factor because I miss my bus, AND IT'S
>     CAMPING SEASON! I know I can search the web, but honestly I'm a
>     bit frustrated so I'm hoping you guys can help, and I value your
>     input.
>     Option A) How much can I expect to pay to have my tranny rebuilt
>     locally, stock, if I drag it to them with the redux boxes intact.
>     I don't have the pullers to get the bearings off to get the axles
>     off. With Graffeo out of the mix, who? And who close to Dallas? I
>     have no truck or big car to move this thing with. I can get help,
>     but wouldn't want to ask them to go too far.
>     Option B) I have a small nut drum to drum, I'm told is good, I can
>     slip in there for now until my funds get in better shape. It's got
>     a rusted nut in the redux housing that so far won't budge. Back to
>     that I have no way to remove the housing  to stick another on
>     there if I could.
>     Option C) How much and to what lengths would I have to go to to
>     put in a straight axle kit and do away with the boxes? I don't
>     want to do this, and if I do, the bus will be down for awhile,
>     especially if it would require any more than just the tranny axles
>     and drop spindles.
>     I'm taking a deep breath now...
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