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You need to make sure a) your oil breather is hooked up to the air cleaner 
properly, and B) your preheater pipes are hooked up to the muffler and not 
clogged with carbon.

Yes, this would cause the symptoms you have.

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Tech question on the way home from t@p I had very litte power even with a head 
wind and seemed to up hill all the way, we stoped about 100 miles in to the 
trip and i checked the oil and noticed that the intake was very cold with sweat 
. What does the cold intake mean also it would backfire when I would run up the 
rpm and let off to shift34 pic carb?

Second question just rebuilt the motor in my bug the exust stinks and also has 
a cold intake with a 2 barrel weber.?




65 westy?

61 ragtop bug??

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