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I'll take a look at Bluebus.It has a resistor that cuts 12 -6 but I don't know 
what the value is.
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  In an attempt to fix my windshield wiper motor (which turned out not to be 
the one that goes to a '63. The one I took out had 5 terminals) I broke it. I 
got another one with only two terminals which means it has one speed. Tark, who 
is doing all new electricals, wants to use a two speed switch.

  So, here are the questions; what resistor do we put in the system to allow 12 
volts to run a 6 volt motor? And how and what resistors do we use to create 2 
speeds? I want the answers to be available at Autozone or Radio Shack type 
places, not some expensive kit online, unless that proves to be the only way.

  I'm going over to Vintagebus to ask the same questions.

  There will be a prize.


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