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  • From: "Rown x" <longshot@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: tc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2002 07:13:21 +0800

Congratulations Chiron!
I'll be sure to tip a glass or fine Merlot for you as well tonight. We both 
deserve it. :-) 
I'm just glad I wasn't alone this year in college challenges. Centaurs have 
enough obsticles to clear while in school. The steps for one. :-p
Alpha's works are really good. She's drawn me... Many times. :-p (No pun 
Her gray scale reminds me of Norman Rockwell drawings only with Centaurs.:-)
Now I have to run... Really! Before she can get her hands on something to hit 
me with for that "drawn" remark. LOL!
(Love you Alpha! :-)

> Hello!
> Congratulations, Rown! I am glad to hear such good news! Really, you must be 
> happy now that you've got you work to go well in your college! That's also 
> nice that the grade is high. And you may congratulate me too for I finished 
> my technical translation on quantum computers yesterday. Oh, what can I 
> say... A hard job for a draft centaur. :)
> And I welcome Alpha!! That's immensely nice to see a new member and a 
> graceful centauress! I am delighted. And we all are always hungry for 
> drawings, so her wish to place a link or an image on the list will meet no 
> objections from us! That would be splendid!
> Cheers!
> Chiron.

The "Centaur of attention"
Second Centaury

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