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Those were good ideas Sila. Star Metro will be using octagonal poles for all 
bus stop signs. No other signs will be used with this shaped pole. 

We need sidewalks all over the city.  
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  Hello William,
  First, thank you for taking our concerns back to the "powers that be" and for 
soliciting input from the disabled community.
  I think my number 1 concern is that some tactile indicators be placed in a 
uniform place in relation to the bus stop sign so no matter if a person reads 
braille, print or doesn't read, they can find the actual stop. Secondly, would 
be braille and raised letter signage identifying the bus stop signs themselves. 
Thirdly, but equally as important would be a word document explaining the 
routes (not a map) about where they go, with what routes they connect and the 
time tables. This is the way the "Ride Guide" used to be and it was wonderful. 
I'm sure there is more that will come to mind and I will email with it. Again, 
thank you.
  Take care,
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    Greetings list,

    As you all know I am very committed to having as good a transportation 
system in Tallahassee as possible.  At a recent meeting I was asked to get 
input from my fellow disable listers:  what would be the suggestions you might 
have for an effective transportation system?  This is just one more opportunity 
to make your voice heard.  

    What is the Accessible Transportation Coalitions Initiative (ATCI)?


    ATCI is a one-year process designed to support systems change activities to 
improve accessible transportation options for people with disabilities 

    We can have a voice and it has been proven in the past that they do listen 
to us.

    I invite you to offer your suggestions and I will carry them to the table.

    William Benjamin, Piano Tuner Extraordinaire.
    The tuner alone preserves the tone.

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