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You are so kind, caring, serious, overworked and
unassuming. Not to mention..


 I am taking guitat lesslns..i am sure you are a
CINC(commander in chief, guru, omniscient et)


If  I don't see you in the week, I will see you in the


Luv to sal _




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I will see what I can do about an audible signal by
your wall-Mart.






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Hi there atlas, it would improve living conditions to
have a audible signal to go across Thomasville rd at

forest parkway  to go into Walmart and then make the
return trip with audible signal to cross back over
thonmasville going east over to kerryforest 

 /It would require 4 audible signals.


Also a bus stop needs to be located at each roundabouts
in kill earn estates.  Currently I walk two and a half
miles to kerry park and Thomasville to take the bus to
target.  The return bus could stop on Thomasville at
kerry forest to discharge passengers to an audible
signal to cross over,


Need to make some type of transportation on an
as-needed basis.


Oh well.




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HI William.


Does this group deal with all transportation in Leon
county or just the fixed route system?

In either case first of all we need night service which
we haven't had for about 2 and a half years and there
is no transportation to the airport on weekends.  If
your inquiry deals with the non sponsored service then
I have a lot to say and recommendations for fixing the
problems.  At worse we should be able to have what we
had prior to prioritization of non sponsored trips by
the TD board.





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Greetings list,


As you all know I am very committed to having as good a
transportation system in Tallahassee as possible.  At a
recent meeting I was asked to get input from my fellow
disable listers:  what would be the suggestions you
might have for an effective transportation system?
This is just one more opportunity to make your voice


What is the Accessible Transportation Coalitions
Initiative (ATCI)?


ATCI is a one-year process designed to support systems
change activities to improve accessible transportation
options for people with disabilities 


We can have a voice and it has been proven in the past
that they do listen to us.


I invite you to offer your suggestions and I will carry
them to the table.



William Benjamin, Piano Tuner Extraordinaire.
The tuner alone preserves the tone.

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