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Oh yeah, I’m often treated as if I’m not there when a store clerk asks a 
sighted person who’s with me what color, flavor, or size I want. Do they think 
we can’t hear, talk, or think for ourselves?


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Two good ones there. We've all experienced these.

On 10/1/2014 8:41 AM, Laurie Davis wrote:

I have two beefs about being blind.  

One is all the time I waste waiting on transportation, whether paratransit, 
fixed route, or family and friends, some of whom have forgotten me a number of 

The other is having people talk around me and, instead, ask the person 
accompanying me, in restaurants, doctors’ offices, etc.  


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Hi all,


Another blind TABI user and I were talking today about how blindness is a 
“bitch”. I’m putting it out there as “What’s your beef about being blind”.

I’ll start the thread with You can’t see what’s coming at you from any 
location. For example,you might be walking to a bus stop and a vehicle is 
speeding up and you might be in peril, or you might be attracting unwanted 

Tell us what’s your beef! 


Tinetta Cooper 


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