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Well, Mr. and Mrs. McCaul have nailed my #1 and #2 hardships. My close #3 has 
to do with actually having just a bit of vision. Let me preface just a bit 
before I explain. I and others have depended upon my tiny little bit of 
precious vision and I consider myself beyond blessed to have the sight I have. 
THANK YOU GOD!!! I will continue using it to help myself and others so long as 
I have it.


Low vision, partially sighted folks aren't sure which camp they fall into. You 
can't really "see" but you're not "blind". People understand total blindness 
but it's difficult to explain to someone what I see much less for them to begin 
to understand. It's dependent upon light, positioning of light, how tired you 
are and so on. I used to actually feel like a fraud when I'd pull out my cane. 


Regarding public transit, I still feel a bit guilty using Dial-A-Ride, 
considering the tremendous overload. However, signs don't mean much to me and 
if I've never been there, it may as well be in the next county as across a busy 
parking lot or down the street. How many times has someone said, "over there" 
or something like that and I've just gone along saying, yep, I totally 
understand? My cell phone camera, the hand-held CCTV and just gaining self 
assurance has helped me along but sometimes, I still find myself following the 
path of least resistance. You know? 


So yes, I’d love to drive, catch someone’s eye across a crowded room while 
reading their lips or body language but, I’d also love for just 5 minutes to 
have someone who totally doesn’t “get it” to live inside my head and “see” what 
I do or don’t…


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  While I certainly miss the driving and the just plain seeing what the heck is 
around you... 
  when I was asked what I missed/what was the hardest part of being V.I. by a 
parent who'd recently discovered her infant child had a vision problem, I found 
myself saying that while visual aids, electronic and otherwise, are wonderfully 
helpful, there is not one yet which helps with the interpersonal skill deficits 
a vision problem carries with it: the inability to effectively/consistently 
make eye contact, the easy ability to recognize someone, the inability to 
"catch someone's eye" across the room, the difficulty in reading body language. 
  Not to say that, once you've connected with someone, those gaps aren't 
  it's getting to that point that's often tricky.


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  Hi all,

  Another blind TABI user and I were talking today about how blindness is a 
“bitch”. I’m putting it out there as “What’s your beef about being blind”.
  I’ll start the thread with You can’t see what’s coming at you from any 
location. For example,you might be walking to a bus stop and a vehicle is 
speeding up and you might be in peril, or you might be attracting unwanted 
  Tell us what’s your beef! 

  Tinetta Cooper 

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