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Hi Victoria,

I think you're asking if you can have your screen reader output come out of
a different sound card from the one you want to use just for your music?

If that's your question, any brand at all will work just fine.

You'll need some help from freedom scientific once you buy and plug in the
new sound card; it's not exactly easy to do this; you need to make a change
to jaws.  

the next jaws, due to come out in I think a month or so, is going to have
additional features added to make doing this kind of thing a lot easier, so
you may want to wait until you get jaws 11 (assuming you're going to get it
that is).

If the problem is that the music is much louder than the speech, you can fix
that without a second sound card if you're running vista; it has separate
volume controls for each application using sound.  I *really* like vista for
any number of reasons, this is one of them.




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Is there anyone who know the name of an external sound card can screen
reader output from music. If so please respond.

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