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ok, it's hard to give you an exact answer.
no religion, and no politics of the form where you say "my guy is better
than your guy" or "my party is ok and yours stinks".  these are subjects
sure to get people upset.
so, what is allowed?  it's supposed to be issues of interest to the
blind of tallahassee; I stretch it a bit and say something of interest
to blind people or people living in this area of florida, either will
every time someone posts something that isn't on topic, you better
believe I get a lot of complaints; this includes unfortunately, health
tips like Charles just posted, or humor, which others have done in the
before you post something ask yourself if it's related to living here,
or to blindness, and will it cause complaints.
it's easy to think the complaints are coming from really irritible
people, but often they're coming from people with very low levels of
sight, where it might take them several minutes to read each message.
then they get really upset if it's something they've think is off topic,
because it cost them a lot of effort to read it.
thanks for asking, now, before each post, you can try and judge is it
really that important to post whatever it is, or is it something better
just shared with a few friends.


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        Hi, Chip
        As a subscriber to the list I would like to know what subjects
are permitted and what is not. Is it alright to allow
         some humor every once in a while. I was told that the list was
for blind issues and some I have seem to me are about politics and a lot
are very informative and also some have posted items for sale. I want to
know because once I posted something's that you said was not allowed.
        Victoria Britton

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