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Hi Winston.

About the board meeting. We discussed in the meeting to open up 1 more role for 
2 people. The role is to be the SPECSC Board Representatives, as we cannot make 

If they are asking for a job description for this explain that it is to attend 
all/most of the SPE Board meetings at Woodside once a month and to explain what 
the chapter is doing and how we have progressed.

I say we look for someone immediately. Unfortunately Tye and some of the other 
interested 2nd years have a Geology Lab on from 3-5 on a Wednesday afternoon so 
they could not make it. However the Board meetings do tend to change days. 
(mostly on a wednesday tho)

As for next year in February, activited should be something cultural to Perth 
maybe. Im not quite sure what to expect really. Whether they want something to 
do with our chapter or Australia. Maybe do an amazing race for them to show 
them around Perth but also noting that uni doesnt start till march so its going 
to be tough getting other members to go.

Anyway. I'll think of some more ideas. Do you know if they just want to do an 
activity just with their people and our committee? Or if they want heaps of 
Petroleum Engineers to come too..


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Few things:

1) Ive already emailed SPE WA to let them know Ellie and I wont be able to 
attend. I will have to write them a report detailing what weve done for the 
past month every month.

2) What should we do with the official letters for committee members now that 
we arent able to attend the SPE meetings? I suggest we still request them one 
way or another. Possibly via email.

3) If you guys can check up on the Facebook group, you will be able to read the 
exchange between me and a representative of SPE UTM (a student chapter in some 
university in Malaysia). They plan to visit around February next year and they 
have around 23 people. Any activities you guys can suggest? They also want a 
rough idea on transportation and accommodation during their visit.


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Minutes of Todays Meeting.

Note next meeting is 10am Wednesday 16th due to Clubs Day being 11-2. We will 
be meeting up at the Guild area while setting up our stall.

Also - the NAB minutes attached are what we need to send to NAB to confirm our 


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