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Hi Ross

I had a look at your website/listings - wow your listings are amazing!
You¹re obviously a very experienced soap maker and jeweller.  Is this your

I bought some silicone molds from the Warehouse (they are red in color) and
found that some of the colour leached into the soaps (not sure if leached is
the word as the red/brown colour slightly tainted the light colour I had
used), do you find that the dark coloured molds leach into the soap?

What dyes are you using?  Are you using fragrance oils or essential oils or
a combination of both?



on 7/1/10 1:29 PM, Ross Spencer at galahad@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Hi Mandy
> Sounds like you are on your way!
> I use silicon loaf moulds that are really easy to get fairly cheaply (Trademe,
> Payless Plastics, The Warehouse, etc).  I also have a huge silicon mould that
> I got from the US but haven¹t used it yet.
> Soapmaker 3 is a really good piece of software that you might want to look at
> trying.  I find it indispensable.
> What base oils are you using?  How are you scenting your soap (if you are)?
> Colouring?
> Sand may be a bit coarse and you should ensure it is clean and sterile.
> Ground pumice is a good alternative or for an inclusion that is a little
> softer but still fairly ³scrubby² you could use poppy seeds or blueberry
> seeds.  I have been considering using hemp seed fibre as well.
> Check out my Etsy store to see what I have been up to, soapwise ­
> www.galahad40.etsy.com <http://www.galahad40.etsy.com>
> Cheers
> Ross
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> Kia ora koutou
> I am a new soaper and just thought I would join to share and learn more. I
> live on the beautiful (but wet and sometimes cool!) west coast of the south
> island. I have always been a creative crafty person and have been interested
> in making soap for some time. I got sick of having to hide my expensive
> vegetable oil based soap from the rest of my rather large family, as I
> couldn¹t afford for us all to use it!How sad is that! So I decided I would
> teach myself how to make soap and then we could all use the wonderful soap!
> Yay! I started in November which was very perfect in time for Xmas gifts etc.
> I have only been using the soap for a few weeks and I have just got my head
> around the ?no brainer¹ soapcalc. It took a while to understand the lye
> discount thing and in the beginning I just wanted to make soap from recipes I
> had found on the internet. I have been attempting to swirl but not a lot of
> success so far but I know I will get there. Yeah and I think I always beat too
> much as I am scared of the soap not setting so it¹s panic stations sometimes
> to get it out of the pot! Have just been using recycled molds so far- I am
> hoping that at least one of my lovely large family (of males, might I add!)
> might oblige sometime soon and offer to help/make me a soap mold! Well, pigs
> do fly sometimes! Has anyone ever used sand in their soap or infused
> eucalyptus leaves in oil and then used the oil?I made some beautifully colored
> yellow soap using carrot jiuce instead of water plus many more exciting and
> different bars. Any info much appreciated. Thanks
> Arohanui
> Mandy Coleman
> Mokihinui Mansions
> 36-56 Lewis Street
> Mokihinui
> RD1 Westport
> 037821837
> 0273075881
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