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Carolyn writes:  "I cannot fly out of Sacramento,Ca. ( INTERNATIONAL ) airport 
on Delta airlines to St. Louis....or Phoenix or Chicago or even S. Calif....or 
ANYWHERE without being routed through ATLANTA, Ga!!!"

Yesterday, I wrote that I could not fly a dog into St. Louis for the last 
National that was held there.  To verify that this was still the case, I called 
up several airlines.  When I asked if I could fly a dog, in a 500 crate, from 
RDU to STL, all the carriers responded with a flat "no."  I then thought about 
what Joannie posted re. flying a dog from Sea-Tac to STL, so I called the 
airlines back and questioned them.  I found out that I could fly a 500 crate 
from RDU to STL, but every flight would be routed through (you guessed it) 

Kim and I live a good distance from Atlanta.  To drive to Atlanta, it would 
take us 9+ hours with no traffic jams.  (Plus, I have a 4 hour drive to meet 
Kim, so that makes it around 13 hours for me.)  Obviously, driving down to the 
hub in Atlanta to catch a flight to St. Louis is not feasible.  I'll only fly a 
dog if I'm on the same plane with the dog, so I guess flying to St. Louis with 
a dog is out for us.

Anyhow, I apologize for making the statement that STL can not accept 500 
crates.  That's what the airlines led me to believe.  It was only after asking 
pointed questions did the truth come out.

Paulette McGuirt, GSDCA Member
Wellborn-Allemande German Shepherds
Qui Me Amat, Amat et Canem Meam

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OK ....I did not want to get into another "airline war" because sooner or later 
anyone can 
find a great flight once to some place.   That of course will not help the 
majority of us.   
In regards to Kim's schedule below it looks good on a post....BUT....I cannot 
fly out of 
Sacramento,Ca. ( INTERNATIONAL ) airport on Delta airlines to St. Louis....or 
Phoenix or 
Chicago or even S. Calif....or ANYWHERE without being routed through ATLANTA, 
( That is Delta's MAIN hub ....)   I have tried....it cannot be done!!   I 
can't speak for LAX. or any of
the others hubs listed ...but  that is 10 hrs. or days of driving away!! .  
When someone quotes 
these flights they are not seeing the hundreds and hundreds of us that are not 
near those hubs!   
Many of us live in Phoenix, Vegas, Idaho,  Utah, Oregon,  New Mexico.   Please 
consider US!!!
This is NOT ABOUT THE St. Louis site!!    I'm sure it has many many redeeming 
features!!  Most 
of us have no problem with St. Louis in general....just not  2011.... and 
throwing Colorado away!

most of the West Coast supports every single National that we can get to!   We 
in the West were looking 
forward to Colorado as an actual reasonable centrally Western National we can 
get to in a day or two. 
Please get out your maps and see just how WEST COAST that is.............<G>    
We accepted it because it is a GREAT SITE.....and it is POSSIBLE for all of us 
to get there..East & West.
It should be considered seriously as one of the  permanent sites.    It would 
save the parent club a fortune
 if they would just make that decision and quit flying the National Chair and 
the Board all over this Country 
looking......and just settle it for one of them.  ( AND it was profitable )  
Instead.....they threw this site away!!     
THAT is the problem!!
Now exactly how difficult would it have been to keep this site booked under 
contract and go with St. Louis
for the year after the Pa. Centennial??     What.....is that just too easy???   
We could save a fortune just having the four years booked and ready and waiting 
for us all  to show up!
Pulling out of the contract after all this time....  GOOD LUCK getting it 
back....and even then....
On top of that......they made it later in the year.   Now you people can talk 
about what rough drives and
distances you have to go to get to St. Louis or Pa. or Florida or Phoenix or 
whatever.....but when you
put a date into November..... it is an initial HARDSHIP on the entire 
membership in the Western part of
the Untied States!!!    Most of us have to drive.   Did no one take Geography 
in this Organization??
Does anyone know what  a Mountain Pass is??    Does anyone know what the 
Rockies are?? 
Our  FIRST Mountain Pass to get over has 20 feet of snow on it right 
now......Donner Summit.....

I hear the rumble of an earthquake.....possibly the entire Western membership 
is falling off the National map!!

Carolyn    marhaven@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  All,I can't say what aircraft will be in the schedule in Nov, but right now
  Delta has the following flights on aircraft that can accommodate 500 crates:

  STL- Detroit - A319        STL- Atlanta A320, M88 and 757
  STL- MSP - M90        STL- SLC - M90, A320

  Those are all Delta hubs.  Examples of connections:
  SFO-SLC on 737-800, SLCSTL on A320      LAX-SLC on 757, SLCSTL on A320
  SEA-MSP on 757, MSPSTL on M90     MIA-ATL on M88, ATLSTL on M88
  LGA-ATL on M88, ATLSTL on M88

  I know it sucks to fly a dog - I avoid it if I can - but honestly, St. Louis 
is more driveable for more 
  people than Ft. Collins was. Please don't shoot the messenger.  Just sharing, 
from the cubicle of 
  a Deltaflight scheduler  (international).Kim

  Link to Purina Farms. Follow the links on the left of the page to learn about 
the center.


  I don't think that Purina farms is giving us sod but rather sod will not be 
needed because of the 45,000-square-foot
   Main Exhibition Hall with a special alpha-sport padded flooring that 
provides optimal comfort . There are covered 
  outside areas that include tents. I don't know what they would do outside in 
that area in Nov. but they are there. I looked 
  at the booking calendar and it doesn't look like they are hardly booked at 
all so no reason to be doing the show 
  in Nov. other than folks like to see hair on their dogs for the show. 
  The link below will tell you about the alpha sport floor.


  At best they will be tight on rooms. You also are competing with 6 flags 
which is in the same area
  I followed the link to the right of the page that said hotels and dining.
  I found 4 hotels with a total 379 rooms. There was one hotel I didn't include 
after reading a comment from a hotel guest. 
  With a comment like they Only come out at night.
  Anyway this will get you started on your great adventure to Purina Farms. If 
it were me I would book a room as early as I could. The site is about 40 miles 
from Saint Louis.
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