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I will chat with you about this when I get back from SFO. As you may guess, I 
had a nice time at KSM.

But I have some stuff to conribute to CAP, for I was there a couple of weeks 
ago and had the same reaction you had.
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  I know I might get in trouble for mentioning another group here, and if I do, 
I won't do it again. One of our members, KI6ZAN, has taken over the decrepit 
communications room for the Civil Air Patrol in Santa Maria. I visited them 
tonite and I would like to volunteer my time to help them. They have radios and 
antennas. George Bernard was kind enough to donate a nice diamond VHF antenna 
to them. What they need is some 50 ohm coax, a +12V power supply, and a rotor. 
These are all items that the SARC does not need, so I don't feel like I am 
stealing from the flock. 


  Some newer 50 ohm coax in lengths of about 50 feet or more are needed. 
LMR-400 or 9913, 9914 etc would be nice. I know that heliax is available but 
does me no good without the connectors.


  A 15 Amp or better 12V supply is needed. Any rotor that works would probably 
work. They are a 501(c) (3) organization. 


  If anybody can help or know of somebody that can, please leave me a message 
at 805 934 0077 so we don't tie up the reflector.




  Dave KA6BFB



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