Re: Errors launching on EC2

  • From: Antti Kantee <pooka@xxxxxx>
  • To: rumpkernel-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2015 02:09:47 +0000

On 27/07/15 01:59, Andrew Stuart wrote:

It’s “almost JSON” - doesn’t pass JSON lint so I have a
small Python script which reads it and outputs it as clean JSON.

I got tripped up because there are duplicate “blk” keys, so my Python script
output JSON dropped one of the “blk” fields. also drops
the duplicate keys.

It appears ambiguous as to whether duplicate keys are allowed in JSON - see
discussion here.

Doesn’t worry me now I know to look out for it but it might trip others up. And
probably trip me up again in the future when I’ve forgotten that detail :-)

You already mentioned that once. IIRC I told you to submit a pull request if you want to fixed rapidly. Or, submit an issue report if you want it to be fixed either when someone is sufficiently bored or after everything else has been fixed.

For now, I consider the config json an internal format, so I don't really care what it has eaten as long as the link from rumprun to the runtime config parser works.

(I don't really care about it being json either, but since the json parser we have in the rumprun runtime is 8k and the libxml2 tarball is 5M, it was not too difficult to do the math and smell the hummus)

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