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At 04:31 AM 7/27/2010, Richard Knoppow wrote:

> I have had an increasingly difficult time of it getting
>specialty hardware parts locally despite the continued
>existence of some decent small hardware stores. At least the
>know what I am asking about even if they don't have it. I
>recently discovered I needed set of Bristol keys and
>drivers, I had to get them via the web. No one locally has
>carried them for years.

Now, I never would have thought of asking at a
hardware store for Bristol Spline Wrenches.  I
got mine off the Web, as recommended by Questar
-- for some oddball reason, Questar telescopes
and lenses are held together with Bristol Spline fasteners.


I tried several hardware stores including two "last resort" stores, Virgil's in Glendale and Berg in Pasadena, no go. I also tried a couple of auto supply houses, same thing. Bristol or spline heads seem to be used mostly on set-screws. I think the main advantage of Bristol over Allen head is that they don't cam out so the screws can be tightened more without damaging either screw or wrench, they have a much more positive fit. There are some other odd patterns used such as "star" heads and others, I think there are even Torx set-screws. Tektronix is fond of Torx screws and uses them all over on their equipment. Torx heads also have an anti-caming feature and are suitable for use on automatic or power operated tools. The same for Pozi-Drive head screws. Philips heads are designed to cam out to limit torque but Pozi-Drive won't cam out and again are suitable for use with power operated tools. There are so many types of drive methods that its hard to have tools for all and some are relatively rare (Reed and Prince screws for instance). And then one must have both English and Metric.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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