[rollei_list] Re: OT: Public Broadcasting. A Rant

  • From: Marc James Small <marcsmall@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2010 08:31:13 -0500

At 12:15 AM 12/22/2010, Richard Knoppow wrote:

>    Thats a good way to just shut up any counter argument,
>just define it as being impossible. In fact, I think there
>are very good justification for using public funds for
>public service matters including niche broadcasting and
>broadcasting which is not controlled by commercial interests
>which may find it useful to propagandize the public.

Yes. Let us steal money from Joe the Truckdriver so Albert the Bank President can enjoy the Saturday afternoon opera broadcasts. Now, that makes a bunch of real sense, doesn't it? In the end, all taxation is theft -- "the only way to accept taxation is to support the naked power of the state to rob you of your goods and possessions", John Paul Woodley, Jr.

If niche broadcasting cannot support itself, then it deserves to be placed on the dustbin of history.

There are a few 'niche broadcasting' agencies which seem to flourish. I suggest you look to wkhr-fm in Cleveland. A public broadcasting station not affiliated with NPR but run from a high school. No news, just big band and swing 24/7. Damn straight I give them a contribution every year, and do so cheerfully. They are available over the net, and I am listening to them as I type these words.

I once was a regular CPB contributor and then, one day back in 2008, I was listening to Nina Tottenberg and one of her far-left rants and the magic just snapped. Why should I be PAYING these people to mock, deride, and sneer at everything in which I believe? The CPB ensemble are a bunch of geeks and gooks who only have any position because we foolishly give them such. I just resigned from the brigade then, and I have never looked back. I might listen to an hour of NPR a month, at the most, and watch an hour of PBS a year. Trust me, my life got a log simpler when I shifted to WKHR and the Weather Channel.

But, in the end, we ought not be stealing Joe the Truck Driver's money to the benefit only of Albert the Bank President. If things were fair, we would be stealing Albert's money to pay for Joe's sleazy country-music station.


Cha robh bàs fir gun ghràs fir!

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