[rollei_list] OT: Public Broadcasting. A Rant

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At 10:22 PM 12/21/2010, John Jensen wrote:
It was Nina Totenberg of NPR who said words of the current Zeitgeist:

"And I was at ? forgive the expression ? a Christmas ps party at the Department of Justice,.........."

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

There is no possible defense for taxpayer funds being sent to support the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Period . End game and, pray, shut the door so I can get back to writing my novel.

Oh, you want to pursue the issue? Think well. As it is today -- not as how it was conceived, mind you -- we have a Lefitie-Loonie radio stream and a quasi-Socialist TV stream, with a bunch of really stupid feel-good shows. And the radio stream keeps it glued together with classical music and opera. The Upper Middle Class in the US just have to claim to enjoy this music. I speak from experience. After all, I was the first white male to ever take a black date to the Roanoke, Virginia, symphony -- that one got buried in a heartbeat, but I still admire the lady. She honored me. In any event, that performance of the Roanoke Symphony was paid for with a chunk of CPR funding.

Why are we stealing 29% of the income of Joe The Truckdriver so Roger the Bank Executive can listen to Nina Tottenberg rant against all reason while he drives home? Even worse, why should we steal his money so that us upscale folks can use his funds to listen to Classical music instead of buying it for ourselves? Seriously -- think this one through. I detest country music (yes, I am a snob in that regard, though I love my familial blue-grass roots and my wife's eyes glaze over when they start flat-footing ? but that is a tale for a different day) . So why steal money from some ironworker in Yonkers to pay so Roger can listen to the Grand Opera or so that my wife can watch a flat-footing. Trust me: she does not watch flat-footing on PBS, if they show it. She wants to see the flat-footing in person, down in Floyd County, Virginia.

To be honest, I am glad that my local PBS station runs occasional reruns of the epic Red Green Show and I do appreciate the new LEWIS shows, albeit you have to steal a British version to get the mystery solved, as PBS blocks ten minutes of the flow.

I used to be a contributor to NPR -- I met one of my many wives that way, but, again, that is a tale for a different day. I quit contributing once I understood that they were not only far left wing but that they were block heads who would acknowledge that other possible approaches existed

I have been in what the Victorians would call a 'decline' for the past several months. My doc at Fort Lee properly diagnosed my ailment as allergies and then recommended that I spend a much time as I could afford to stay in bed for at least the next three months. That sounds grand to me: I am writing a novel, nothing to do with photography, mind you, I do the household chores. and then take the dogs up to the master bedroom -- in their minds, of course, it is their den And I read and I read and then I get drowzy and, wham!, I wake up when the telephone rings and it is the Pride of My Life telling me that she is on the way home. I then curl up and go back to sleep and dream more about my folks. So, I apologize if I rail and then seem to disappear. Trust me, I do read every message on the Rollei List, even the excruciatingly detailed notes on the nature of time. I simply have

Sorry to get off message: there is simply no reason for us to steal money from Joe the Truckdriver to pay to assuage my lust for Classical Music. Let me buy the CD's. Be real about the issue and end all Federal, State, and local funding for the CPR and its insidious set-charts.


Cha robh bàs fir gun ghràs fir!

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