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Qualex in NJ no longer exists- it gets forwarded to District Photo in Beltsville, MD. I believe Dwayne's is the only North American processor that develops Kodachrome.

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The biggest issue with Kodachrome is the limited places you can have it processed. I believe there are two left in the US. Qualex in NJ and Dwayne's in Kansas.

Putting that aside, the other issue with Kodachrome is that it cannot accurately reproduce the color purple. Instead any purple or lanvender coloring blue.
The best display of this was in the late Galen Rowell's book the Art of Adventure. He shows the same flower photographed with Kodachrome and again with Velvia. Velvia showed the flower correctly as being purple. Kodachrome rendered the flower blue. I tried this myself and it is true.

As Erwin states, no film will yield absolutely faithful coloring as ones sees in the original, but for me E100 and Fujicrhome do a better job than Kodachrome.

Peter K

I am not sure what the gamut limit of Kodachrome is but some modern reversal films make use of inter-layer effects to produce a color masking effect similar to the self masking by means of colored couplers used in color negative films (and responsible for the overall orange color). This is an effect where the images in one layer can affect the degree of development in adjacent layers. If used correctly this effect can partially correct for the imperfect transmission of the dyes resulting in better purity and better color rendition. I think all three main color film manufacturers know how to do this but I am not sure which films the technique is incorporated in.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA

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