[racktables-users] Re: Suggestion: Bulk Port Creation

  • From: "Tyler J. Wagner" <tyler@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: racktables-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 12:08:45 +0000

Hi Alister,

Autoports is the option in User Interface to automatically create ports for 
any object type.  For your patch panel (object type 9) you may want:

9=24*24*Port %02u

That will create 24 ports of type 24 (gigabit ethernet), called "port 00" to 
"port 23", every time you create a Patch Panel.  I usually just rename port 0 
to port 24 and I'm done.


On Thursday 12 November 2009 11:06:57 Alister Forbes wrote:
> I may have missed that.. is AutoPorts the "Add/Update multiple ports"
>  option that you can enable from the configuration page?  If so, I've done
>  that, but as with Tyler, whenever I try to use it I get this:
> An error has occured in [assertUIntArg()]. Additional information:
> Parameter 'port_type' is not a number (calling function is
>  [addMultiPorts]).
> Go back or try starting from index page.
> (currently running 0.17.7)
> Of course if it's something else... could you gimme a hint, and I'll put it
>  in the wiki.
> Cheers
> Alister
> On 12 Nov 2009, at 11:56, Denis Ovsienko wrote:
> > On Thu, 12 Nov 2009 11:36:55 +0100 Alister Forbes wrote:
> >> I'd add a vote for this as well if I could.  I'm currently having to add
> >> 40 patch-panels manually, and it's driving me nuts.
> >
> > Folks, you can employ AutoPorts to create ports for you.
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