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This layout, with the drive in unit with the front wheel, and pivoting in front 
of the rider, is used in the Tom Traylor and Cruzbike designs.  It solves a lot 
of driveline problems very simply.  I have never ridden one, but some people 
find the layout OK (including a few Cruzbike owners I have known) and others 
dislike it, because it causes pedal-steer and because the distance from the 
seat to the pedals changes when you steer.  One reason why both the Hipparion 
and the Python have the pivot under the seat, is to avoid these effects.  
Jurgen has a whole page on pivot location and pedal-steer, and Esko Meriluoto 
says that the hinge of the cycle should be on the same axis as the cyclist's 
own hinge. 


---- Stefan Bartels <sbartels@xxxxxxxx> wrote: 
> I've made another drawing, I'm better with a biro than a tablet...
> Please let me hear some comments about my latest folly...
> Why all this? The friend who promised to do some welding for me has 
> been, well, promising this for the last 30 months. Now I must find a 
> design where there is as little welding involved as possible.
> So here goes:
> t5
> One wheel in the front (in the fork of the folding bike). The back part 
> of the folding bike is now the front wheel drive.
>  From the middle of the folding bike a 40x40mm steal beam extends to the 
> back, left and right of it are two 20" wheels in horizontal BMX forks.
> So, what do you think? Doable, ridable, steerable?
> Thanks everybody
> Stefan
> Stefan Bartels schrieb:
> > Hi, here is a more conventional idea I had.
> > I take the front of a folding bike with the normal fork, and attach 
> > the back of the folding bike to the front, so I have the front wheel 
> > drive. The two wheels are added at the back. So the steering would be 
> > (how do I explain that?) just like with the normal bike, and the front 
> > wheel drive unit could swing left and right with the front wheel. 
> > Steering geometry would be as in the original bike... Does sth like 
> > that work?
> > It's not a python, of course...
> > Stefan
> > t4


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