[pure-silver] Re: drips on roll film

  • From: titrisol <titrisol@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 08:35:39 -0800 (PST)

what film was it?
maybe is a film emulsion defect?

Efke/Adox and Foma were (are) quite prone to these problems

Shannon Stoney <shannonstoney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: I tried that, but they're 
still there.  I think it affected the 
emulsion somehow while the emulsion was wet.


On Nov 30, 2007, at 8:16 AM, Justin F. Knotzke wrote:

> On 30/11/2007, Shannon Stoney  wrote:
>> I have some bad drips on some of my roll film that I processed
>> recently.  I was shooting out in west texas where the sky is very
>> pristine so the drips are very obvious.  I think it might have
>> something to do with the Photo flo.  Like, maybe it was old or I 
>> didn't
>> dilute it right or something.  The reason I suspect the photo flo is
>> that the drips run lengthwise  on the film, not crossways, which would
>> suggest a problem with pouring in the developer, or the stop or
>> something.
>    For the drips, can't you just rewet them again ?
>    J
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