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I already have the materials at home.  I'll be using a very thin, clear
plastic film and "sharpie".  Then one I have is a fine, felt tip,
permanent black marker and perfect for the application.  Sharpie the
brand has a full assortment of sizes and colors.  Certainly at some
thickness I'd think the glass would render the lettering out of focus.

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Hi Mark,

Won't the thickness of the glass cause the writing to be less than 
sharp, a bit diffuse?

Question: we don't use the term *sharpie* in Quebec.  I know it is some 
sort of felt pen but could you define/describe it for me.  Is it is very

pointy felt pen or what?


Sauerwald Mark wrote:

> Scott
> I did a run of postcards once which were used for a
> party invitation - I used the standard Ilford
> Postcards which are 4x6 , and I contact printed a 4x5
> negative on them.  I wrote a message with a sharpie
> marker on a piece of glass which I used to hold the
> negative and paper under the enlarger which resulted
> in white text on the 1" black border at the bottom of
> the image.
> Mark
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