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Just thought I'd post a quick follow-up to last nights printing.  The
printed transparency overlaid as a contact print did the trick.  I had
to bump exposure up 1/12 of a stop, which no one will notice but me.
Now I get to tone 30 prints!


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Last evening I tried with a small cut out transparency sheet with
handwritten text slid over the lower right corner of the print.  The
lettering came out alright, though the pen didn't lay down a very even
layer which appeared exaggerated on the image.  The transparency edges
were far too visible for my liking as well.  This evening I'll try a
"contact print" using a full sized transparency with printed text in
red.  THAT should do the trick.

Thanks all.


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> Dear Scott,
>     Clap a transparency sheet into your computer printer 
> and type your message onto it. Then overlay the result 
> onto the paper you are exposing under the enlarger light. 
> I did calendars this way for years.
> Uncle Dick
    Most printers will allow you to reverse the image. This 
will put the print on the surface which is in contact with 
the paper and result in sharper reproduction of the print. A 
small section of the transparent sheet, with the print on 
it, can be cut out and layed on the paper. This will 
eliminate any blemishes on the sheet from transferring but 
will leave a slight clear outline.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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