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I've followed the thread about PhotoFlo with some interest
over the past several days.  Though I've never had any PF
residue, I realized I probably was not using enough of it and have seen some water spotting now and again. So.. I decided
to try it myself last night:

   2.5ml  Photo Flo 200
   1/2 oz Isopropyl Alcohol 91%
   500ml  Distilled water

And it worked fine.

I use it at about double this dilution, that is about an ounce of alcohol and about 2.5ml of Photo-Flo 200 to a liter of water. I suspect the amounts are not at all critical. I have not had any problems with residue or water spotting since using the mixture. I do not squeegee film, I just hang it up to dry. 70% rubbing alcohol works fine just avoid the kind with Oil of Wintergreen in it. Its usually colored green and well labeled. I don't think the 91% stuff ever has anything else in it.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles
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